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Big Game, Birds and Bass this Fall

Posted by sonora on October 27, 2017


It’s been a hot summer and transition to fall, but that bird hunting is what’s heating up now.  Our fields are stacking with birds and our first group back this past week had a great experience.  After working hard to secure more land and swamp area leases we are very excited to move into this season.  We are prepping for the big waterfowl migration and very much look forward to showing our clients some great Sonoran duck hunting experiences very soon.

We are also getting ready for our big game hunts coming up by setting out deer feeders and trail cams.  Last season, for mule deer, was a tough one with a lot of rain.  We managed to bag some trophies, but this year looks to be setting up to be much better.  There is plenty more land to hunt and we still have a few slots and tags available for sale.

The fishing is also starting to heat up the further we get into the fall.  We’ve been doing some scouting and have landed some hefty fish in the nine pound class over the past couple weeks.  We are looking for the fishing to improve even more as the temperature begins to drop.  It’s a great time of year to come hit the water for some bass in Sonora.

Overall, we are very excited for the next few months of hunting and fishing.  It’s one of the best times of year to bag that trophy mule deer, shoot plenty of birds and ducks, or land that lunker bass.  Come join us in Sonora for your next hunting or fishing adventure – Book Now!

Summertime Preparations

Posted by sonora on August 17, 2017


It’s been a great season thus far.  We have wrapped up many of our hunting seasons for the year, but are in preparations for the upcoming ones.  We have some great news for the duck hunting here in Sonora, as we have renewed our former leases for the upcoming year as well as secured a number of new ones.  It’s been a long process to get to this point and we are really excited about the new leases we’ve been able to acquire for our customers.

Since it’s the heat of the summer, much of our work now is in the preparations phase.  We’ve been in the process of checking out some possible new leases for mule deer.  We spend the time personally vetting all of the areas to make sure the deer populations are sufficient for our groups.  This involves spotlighting and also putting out trail cams to help with the process and see what kind of size we have on each of the leases.

We have also been out of the lake chasing some big bass.  Overall, it’s been a fair season with the lake being down, but the lake still has the big ones.  This past weekend, our guide Cholo managed to catch two fish over the ten pound mark on back to back casts!  The bass fishing in Mexico is some of the best around for trophy fish like those.

The preparations continue here as we get closer and closer to opening day of hunting season.  We are going over all of the equipment to ensure a great experience for everyone involved.  The lodge, boats and trucks are all getting plenty of the attention as well.

We look forward to hosting your group this fall – Book Now!

Great Hunting and Fishing in Sonora in 2017

Posted by sonora on March 12, 2017


Were now well into our prime hunting season and 2017 has not disappointed.  The dove and duck trips have been incredible this year with great numbers.  We have really benefited from expanding our wetlands areas.  The bass fishing has also been off the charts and we are connecting with plenty of big fish right now.  Turkey season is just about to kick off and we are very excited about that too.  It should be another great season for them as well.

Some of our highlights for this winter have been our mule deer and coues deer hunts.  This season we bagged two trophy sized deer of both species.  Our biggest coues deer was an absolute monster that scored out at 130 and we also bagged a big mule deer that scored 202 that had a 32” wide spread.  Throughout deer season we did have some rain which made visibility more difficult.  The bushes grew up and with the rain and wind the deer didn’t move too much, but with persistence, we were still able to put our clients on some trophy caliber deer.


We continue to be busy with negotiations on securing new areas for our clients to hunt.  Currently, our focus is locking down some areas to hunt some desert sheep for next season.  The way things are going, it is looking promising that we can add that to our list of trips we offer.  We will keep everyone updated on what is going on with those negotiations.

The hunting and fishing continues to be stellar in the 2017 season.  With the turkey season just beginning and the bass fishing being exceptional, there is no better time to join us in Sonora, Mexico.  Call us to create hunting and fishing memories that will last a lifetime. –Book Now!  

Casting and Blasting this Fall

Posted by admin on December 7, 2016



Hunting season is in full swing now and the dove hunting has been off the charts lately.  It’s taken some time for the weather to cool down so the hunting was a little slow to begin with after having some extreme heat in November.  However, that is no longer the case and the hunting continues to be stellar all the way around.

Last week we began our duck hunting season and they too, like the dove, have now shown up in great numbers.  This year, more than ever, we have been astonished by the sheer numbers of pintail ducks and it’s looking like an very promising duck hunting season thus far.  We continue to work on building our fresh water lagoon that will specifically be for these hunts.  We are about halfway through the process and are optimistic that we’ll be able to sneak out and get a couple hunts there before the season ends.

The fishing continues to be red hot and has gotten even better with the dropping temperatures.  Between all of the hunting options and the great fishing right now there is something going on for everyone.  We’ve even been mixing up some trips with a little bit of both for those looking for the cast and blast experience.

We’d also like to announce that we are beginning a rebuild on a scenic cabin in the mountains of Yecora, Sonora.  Once built, it will be our home base for our turkey hunting trips next spring.  We will continue with updates on the progress of the lodge and can’t wait to have it ready for our hunters.

It’s been a busy fall so far and we are looking forward to a busy winter and spring season as well.  We do have a few openings in February for any groups looking to take part in either our hunting or fishing excursions.

Thank you to everyone we’ve had this season thus far and we look forward to making some great hunting and fishing memories with everyone in our upcoming trips. - Book Now!


Hunting Season is Right Around the Corner

Posted by sonora on August 29, 2016

Lodge August 2016.jpg

With the summer coming to an end we are quickly moving into hunting season.  We are excited to see the progress from our renovations to our bar area and lodge.  We will be finished with plenty of time before our first hunting group of the new season arrives.  We work hard to ensure our guests have an incredible experience in all aspects of their stay. 

The bass are biting!  Whenever we can steal a few minutes away, we always get some decent bites and have landed quite a few 9-10 pounders.  It is the ideal time for a group to come and get some quality fishing in before the hunting season really gets into full swing.  Our guides would be more than happy to host your group and take you out for a great trip.

Our number one fishing and duck hunting guide, Cholo, and George have been putting time in visiting the fields and new leases we have for the upcoming season.  I know their expertise will ensure for the best intel on how things are coming along.  One of the areas has been flooded with fresh water creating a duck’s paradise… and soon to be our guest’s.  We are hoping it will be ready for this season, but definitely by next season.  Our hunters have proven time and again that we have the best areas both North and South of our lodge and we look forward to them putting us to the test again this year.

A big thank you to everyone that came to visit us at the World Deer Expo in Birmingham, Alabama.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to host those that have reached out to already and look forward to hearing from you.  We would be honored to host new crews from all over the country and show how Sonora’s Premier Outfitters is the place to be year round!

Just like our service, our price cannot be beat.  We have a package to ensure anyone has a great trip.  We invite you to call Rudy or George and ask about our special deals – we have great deals for groups of eight or more.  We look forward to hosting your group this season - BOOK NOW!